宮城県復興応援ブログ ココロプレス

「ココロプレス」では、全国からいただいたご支援への感謝と東日本大震災の風化防止のため、宮城の復興の様子や地域の取り組みを随時発信しています。 ぜひご覧ください。


写真 「19年連続 生鮮カツオ水揚げ日本一」に向けて、気仙沼では生鮮カツオ水揚げが順調です。「今年はとりわけ脂が乗っている」と関係者の表情もほころんでいます。
2015.7 ~宮城県震災復興推進課~

Also happening this year is...

 "Stand Up Week", which runs from July 21st until the start of the Kawabiraki (River Festival), consists of events held all over the city.

 Kawabiraki is the largest event in Ishinomaki."Stand up 2012" is happening to liven up the town before the festival.The event is produced and promoted by the members of Ishinomaki 2.0.

Aoki, the writer of Ishinomaki's blog, has written about Ishinomaki 2.0 before.
(for more information click here) http://kokoropress.blogspot.jp/2012/01/blog-post_9848.html

They have put on open air cinema screenings, symposiums, second hand book fairs, created the revival bar, provided up to date guides of Ishinomaki, and various other events.Before the river festival, experience the attractions of Ishinomaki Certainly, everyone should come and enjoy themselves!!!


special thanks... Megumi Mori and Dominic Amato