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写真 「19年連続 生鮮カツオ水揚げ日本一」に向けて、気仙沼では生鮮カツオ水揚げが順調です。「今年はとりわけ脂が乗っている」と関係者の表情もほころんでいます。
2015.7 ~宮城県震災復興推進課~


Hello, Choco here.

I'm talking about Nobuko Hashimoto (Hashimoto mama), introduced previously in this blog by Aoki san.
from Aoki san's photo

Actually, my group is really close to Hashimoto mama.

I met her for the first time last September.
Last summer, she met one volunteer guy who is our work mate.

I couldn't introduce myself at the time because she appeared very busy.
No wonder, she was cooking lunch for more than 20 people. So lunch time is her busiest hour.

photo by Tatsumi 

photo by Yannick from France

Even so, I said "it was yummy (Iwate accent)", she was always smiling back.
Hashimoto mama's meals is a taste of Japan for foreigners coming to volunteer.
She brought smiles to everyone's faces with her amazing cooking, whether for those living in Japan or just coming for the first time.
She cooked and provided lunch for all of us thru September...
but even after that she cooked for us whether she had something for herself or not.
She would call me saying "I cooked for you, come here!!"

We were always happy to go to Hashimoto house.
When we arrive, meals are always already sitting on the table, just like last summer.
photo by Yannick 

Many times it's the same people, but new volunteers join as well.
And they are always happily surprised when they see the immensity of her meals.

this January 

this March

this summer

Hashimoto mama is our Ishinomaki and Japanese mother and caretaker.

The book won't be limited to just Japan, but will be sold throughout the world. People around the world will know Hashimoto mama!!! 

The book (Japanese working title)
" Ishonomaki Volunteer House no Genki Gohan"
is being published by Seven and i Holdings (7-11)
And one of our members, Jojo from America helped make it come true.

His parents own an Italian restaurant in California.

Last month his parents met Hashimoto mama...

Jojo is studying mama's cooking...

special thanks Reo from US