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「ココロプレス」では、全国からいただいたご支援への感謝と東日本大震災の風化防止のため、宮城の復興の様子や地域の取り組みを随時発信しています。 ぜひご覧ください。


写真 「19年連続 生鮮カツオ水揚げ日本一」に向けて、気仙沼では生鮮カツオ水揚げが順調です。「今年はとりわけ脂が乗っている」と関係者の表情もほころんでいます。
2015.7 ~宮城県震災復興推進課~


Hi, it's Choco.
This time, I'm in Higashi-Matsushima!

Summer Festival in Higashi-Matsushima
On August 18th, there was a summer festival in the temporary accommodation area of Yamoto-Sport-Park.
I will introduce this to you in 2 parts.

What... is this?!!!
To those of you who thought...
"Aomori Nebuta"
It is THE home of Nebuta!!
The "Aomori Jawamegi team" brought the Nebuta came all the way from the city of Aomori.
Trundled along in a large truck from Aomori,
 the Nebuta was put on display from lunch time(Photo above shows preparations).
 As it was so big, many of the locals came to watch.
≪Introduce on video≫

The Nebuta on display
After a heart-felt greeting from a member of the Aomori Jawamegi team.
The Nebuta began to move towards the residential neighbourhood.


As the Nebuta moved along, people followed,
and the sound of the drums and the whistles echoed all around the Yamoto-Sport-Park temporary accomodation area.
It felt as though we were in Aomori itself.
A single Nebuta lit up the city of Higashi-Matsushima.
From Aomori,
people with gallant eyes like samurai walked slowly through the residential areas, pulling along the tall, heavy dashi-tourou.(Dashi-tourou= a traditional lantern for festivals)
My first experience of the Nebuta was overwhelming.
Even though it was just one single Nebuta.
The souls of the people of Aomori Jawamegi Team created this intense feeling with just a width of 5 metres and a height of 4 metres.
I hear that "the true Nebuta in Aomori are twice the size."
It may be a small nebuta, but it was still equally impressive to us.
Why you ask?
That is because of the strong feelings of the people of the Aomori Jawamegi Team.

Last autumn, the "Aomori Jawamegi Team" travelled around Yamada town in Iwate prefecture, Fukushima prefecture and Minami-Sanriku in Miyagi prefecture to cheer up the locals with Aomori's Nebuta.
and again, this autumn, they will visit the disaster areas.
One of the origins of the Nebuta is said to be a memorial service for the deceased.
The traditional calls"Rassera-" is said to mean "to the next life"(来世raise).
If the Nebuta comes to your town,
please walk along side it, calling "Rassera-, Rassera-"

photo by Dom from US
"There are spirits!"
A long time ago, a priest in Thailand told me "the white, round things you see in photos are spirits".
it's up to you whether or not you choose to believe this,
but perhaps the deceased were there as well, watching with us.
I wrote this blog entry which such thoughts in mind
Last night, with the tsunami alert, I think everyone was sick with worry.
Even I lay awake, unable to sleep from fear.
Eventually, I saw the sun rising.
When I went to the sea shore in the morning...

It was very beautiful.
From today begins September, also known as "Nagatsuki(September)", the long month, in japanese.
But Ishinomaki is still very hot.
Even so, as the days pass we edge closer and closer to autumn.....

Next time, I will introduce some more festivals that took place in Higashi-Matsushima.


Thank you to the people of Aomori Jawamegi Team who agreed to be interviewed.

(August 18th 2012)
Special thanks Mayu and Ayako, Isabel from UK