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「ココロプレス」では、全国からいただいたご支援への感謝と東日本大震災の風化防止のため、宮城の復興の様子や地域の取り組みを随時発信しています。 ぜひご覧ください。


写真 「19年連続 生鮮カツオ水揚げ日本一」に向けて、気仙沼では生鮮カツオ水揚げが順調です。「今年はとりわけ脂が乗っている」と関係者の表情もほころんでいます。
2015.7 ~宮城県震災復興推進課~

Hi, this is Choco from Ishinomaki.

The Kawabiraki river festival, the largest event in Ishinomaki, has concluded and the city, once crowded with people, has returned to normal. Time sure has gone by quickly.

Kawabiraki was held over the course of two days from July 31st to August 1st.
On the first day a memorial service for the disaster victims was held, drawing a large crowd.

 "Tourou-nagashi" - Paper lanterns illuminated by candles were floated down the river.
Photographer by Mitsuo Abe from Ishinomaki
 The lanterns, carrying people's prayers, crossed the Kitakami river and slowly floated off into distance.
 On the second day, there was a parade of elementary and junior high school students followed by a traditional dance from the local peoples of Ishinomaki.

By midday the center of Ishinomaki was very crowded.

Then, starting at 7:30, 5000 fireworks were shot off.

The local people said: "It is more lively than last year." "It is busier than before."

A lot people from all over the world have come to Ishinomaki since the disaster. 
And also from all across Japan...
There are people who wouldn't be here if the disaster hadn't happened, I myself am one of them. I'm from Morioka.
Everyone who has come has fallen in love with Ishinomaki.
Ishinomaki is such a fascinating place!!

 The Kawabiraki festival was helped by local people/organizations: Ishinomaki 2.0, who put together the event "STAND UP WEEK" that was performed prior to the River festival, the Ishinomaki sports promotion support center, the brass band of local elementary and junior high schools, and so on.

 This was the second time Kawabiraki happened after the disaster.
It was developed by people who desired to "make the festival better than last year and before".
Through their actions other people gathered who also wanted to help and see the festival.

I'm looking forward to next year's.

Next year I'd like to see the event below.

Ishinomaki's 90th River festival:
A heated race on the water for the resurrection of the ship of "Magobe-sen".

Special Thanks Dom and Megumi!!!!!!